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Services & Tools

Arrow-Tech Medical Systems possesses all kind of essential tools and gadgets to maintain hi-end medical equipment.

List of Tools We Possess

  1. Complete vacuum equipment like dual stage rotary vane pump, turbo molecular pump and digital gauges to measure the high vacuum up to minus 9 Torr.
  2. Three 200 MHz digital USB based oscilloscope & spectrum analyzer.
  3. OXFORD Ramping Power Supply MPSU-3600 for Siemens 1.5 Tesla superconductor MRI magnet and few other OEM manufacturers magnets.
  4. Lindgren RF digital meter to test the integrity of RF Shielding. This tool is vital to checkt RF cage integrity for desired attenuation i.e. >80db and find out the RF leakage in shielding.
  5. RF Power meter URV-5 to measure RF power and attenuation in MRI service and diagnostics.
  6. Shimming devices for Hitachi, G.E and Siemens permanent Magnet MRI systems. These shimming devices are used to make magnetic field homogenous.
  7. Gauss meter from Drusch Germany, It is used to measure the magnetic field with great accuracy up to nine digit. It is useful tool to shim the magnetic field and to trouble shoot MRI system in various problems related to magnet field.
  8. Cold Head replacement kit for super conductor magnets.
  9. Digital RF Attenuation meter to test the integrity of RF Shielding. This tool is vital to make sure the integrity test of RF cage up to 80 d.b attenuation.