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International Projects

  • G.E Ovation MRI installed/commissioned at national hospital Abuja Nigeria.
  • G.E Multislice CT Scanner at Kingscare Hospital Abuja Nigeria.
  • G.E Multislice CT Scanner at crystal hospital Abuja Nigeria.
  • G.E Profile-IV MRI system at Prvidean Centre Kano Nigeria.
  • Installed and commissioned one Harmoney MRI system in mobile trailer in Alborg Denmark on behalf of EPOKA MEDIC MISSSION DENMARK. This company is our business partner.
  • Installed one VIVA in Bin Ghazi on behalf of EPOKA MEDIC MISSION DENMARK.
  • We have completed installation and integrity test of RF Shielding for G.E Super conductor MRI in Sofia BULGARIA. Placing/Rigging of magnet and cold head installation were also supported by ATMS engineer. These jobs were completed on behalf of Epoka Medic Mission, our trust worthy business partner in Denmark.
  • Installed two Siemens Open MRI system at Shox Medical Centre in Tashkent Uzbakistan.
  • G.E Ovation MRI at Big Pharma Tashkent Uzbakistan.
  • G.E installed by Arrow-Techuper conducting magnet MRI system.